Hannah Dale Hatlen lived in Tsawwassen, a suburb just south of Vancouver, BC, Canada. She was a happy little girl with a love for princesses, unicorns and big belly laughs.

Oct 18th 2005 started out like most other days.

Kathie, her mom, was going to take Hannah to her morning skating class and be back home for lunch. After the skating lesson Hannah started to complain of headaches. Thinking this out of the ordinary, Kathie and her father Tore took Hannah to see their family doctor. He suggested taking her to BC Children's Hospital to “rule out the bad stuff”. By the time Hannah arrived at Children’ s Hospital, she was weak on her left side and had slurring speech, it was like she had had a stroke.

 Hannah was diagnosed with 2 brain tumours later that afternoon. One of the tumours had bled and that is what caused the stroke-like symptoms. One tumour was in a relatively easy area to get at, and was removed. The other was on the brain stem, and was considerably harder to deal with.

 Hannah passed away October 31st 2006 after a very brave battle. She was 5 years old.

Her family and friends started this Hannah’s Heroes Foundation in her honour.